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  1 Year ago

HR Audit

Your people are the backbone of your business. Their performance has a direct impact on the performance of your company. So planning and delivering a good HR strategy is essential. Therefore, don’t you think, just like other departments, HR department also need Audits for better performance and functioning? Well, let’s discuss about it.

Let’s start with Objectives of HR Audit.

  1. Measuring the errors of HR department. It may be related to recruitment, training, performance evaluations, employee grievances, policies and procedures etc.
  2. Evaluating the       HR functions are follows the policies and procedures
  3. Maintaining the discipline among the workforce
  4. Rectifying the mistakes in the HR department

Why HR Audit is important?

  1. HR Audit will help to promote the significant business strategies
  2. Through regular HR audits, the role transparency of HR Functions will be clearer
  3. It will help to improve the Organizational Competency
  4. HR Audits are the best way to analyze the HR Functions

Types of HR Audits

  1. Legal Compliance Audit

Related to rules and regulations and legal compliance

  1. Best Practices Audit

Related to workforce environment, policies and procedures, employee handbooks, documentation etc

  1. Strategic Audit

Related to strategic goals of the organization and performance management

  1. Functions Specific Audit

Related to HR functions such as recruitment, training, payroll, promotion, etc

Checklists of HR Audit

  1. Employee Handbook & Review
  2. Contracts of employments
  3. Policies and Procedures
  4. Employee Relations – discipline and grievances
  5. Data protection and record keeping
  6. Recruitment
  7. Performance management
  8. Employee retention
  9. Induction program
  10. Attendance management

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